I love symmetry. There is something about it that makes me feel like all is right.  Alas, my home is NOT symmetrical.

Despite the fact that my home is not as visually appealing to me as it could be, I am glad that I came inside on that fateful day. When I did, I saw that the inside of the house was nearly perfect and exactly what I was looking for.

We have all heard,’ Don’t judge a book by its cover,’ and I would suggest that you also look beyond the exterior of a home.

Through the years I have worked with clients who nearly drove by a house but who went in at my urging. Many times they have been surprised that what they thought they would see inside was not accurate at all!

Space and light are very important aspects of any home. As a wise person once said, ‘no one ever asked me to show them dark homes.’ What you see when you go through the front door (or the garage) is the space that you will inhabit; it is the place where you will live.

The outside of a home is just its shell. Just like a person who is clinging to their past style, many homes can be updated–and if even remodeled, if appropriate.

As you begin your home search, prioritize your needs and allow yourself to be open minded about the homes that you see. You just might be surprised at what turns out to be ‘perfect’ for you!