Yesterday was my last closing of 2018.

I was able to help some first time home buyers find and purchase their first home. It took us several months to find the right property, and it included one ‘mulligan,’ but they are thrilled with the final selection and are planning their New Years Eve party in a new house!

My other closing this week began last Saturday=when I met an out of town client at the property they were selling, along with a closing agent,  and they signed the paperwork, using a Power of Attorney (POA), on behalf of a relative. The purchaser, also using a POA, signed on Wednesday and I am awaiting word that the sale has been recorded at the courthouse.

I tell you these two stories because one the of the things about real estate is that no two transactions are the same. My clients need different support and services from me and I do what is necessary to help them achieve their goals.

My ‘team,’ which consists of fantastic lenders and title companies, as well as contractors and service providers, work diligently (and smartly!) to help my clients from our initial conversation until the money is deposited or the keys received.

Thank you all for your support in 2018. My business is built on your referrals and positive words to friends, family and colleagues. You have no idea how much your support means to me.

I raise my glass to you all, both past and future clients, and want you to know what I am always available to advise or help you with your real estate and home ownership questions.