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By Andrea Needham

Seniors have several great reasons to downsize in retirement. A smaller home means fewer financial obligations, household chores, and time-consuming maintenance projects. But the idea of downsizing can feel a little overwhelming, especially if you’ve been living in the same home for decades! Whether you’re downsizing yourself or helping a senior loved one through the process, check out the following resources for guidance.


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Your senior loved one may need help with the downsizing process and getting settled in.


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Decluttering Your Belongings

Saying goodbye to your stuff will, at times, be very difficult. Plan your decluttering approach and prepare yourself for tough emotions.


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Planning Your Move

Consider moving costs and travel arrangements to get yourself ready for moving day.


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Keeping Clutter Away

Take steps to control clutter as you get settled into your smaller home.


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Moving into a smaller home can help your golden years feel lighter and full of possibilities. Without all that stuff weighing you down, it will be easier to focus on hobbies, spending time with loved ones, or traveling the world. Take the downsizing process one step at a time and be ready to face tough emotions as you part with possessions you no longer need.